Outfit post!

Finally! a much needed outfit post!

plain white shirt
vest - vintage (momma's)
Jeans - LOIS vintage
Shoes - Primark
Gold chain - Ebay

We all know of the pressure exams have on blogging, but I'm done completely on the 21st so sit tight!
family day out shopping in Birmingham, brother, sisters, mother, cousins and so on..

speak to you soon!

We made a magazine, the first issue of "Une Nouvelle Revelation"

As you can guess from the title, Yes we made a magazine, and by we I mean, myself, my brother and my cousin.
We made a magazine!
I basically do all of the writing for it, and some ideas, I'm more on the fashion side
Dami and Abby do all the graphic designing, and photographs and the more technical stuff
go team work!!

I think this is a stepping stone for me in relation to my actual future goal in terms of career
as few may know, I aspire to be a magazine journalist, and doing this really does give me an insight on how much hard work it actually takes to fill up a magazine
we only launched it yesterday, and fingers crossed it's going to go well, it's already getting quite a good report
but the bigger the better
it's basically a fashion/lifestyle/music magazine
and as we continue to grow so will the content, and I hope it really takes off
it includes a 14 page lookbook too!
soo please give it a read
here are the two links!

thank you for the support guys!

Blurry old me

Haven't done an outfit post in a while, sooo sorry (busy as the white rabbit)

here, thought I'd make up for it with a random photo of me, standing on a boulder thing, it's not really meant to be an outfit post, just a post because I didn't like not posting for so long


BIG style crush - Gillian Zinser

Here's another one that I also have a girl crush on aswell as a style crush.
some of you may know her as "surfer chick" Ivy from 90210
but personally I know her as my wife and  fashspiration (as they say)
but yeah, as it's drawing ever so near to summer now, it means I can finally actually go full boho
although the weather obviously doesn't support this idea, as it's rained non stop even though we're in a drought, that's why I haven't done many outfit posts, because of the weather and because I'm soo busy with school and work (yes, some one actually hired me).

Anywho, yeah Gill, hot loose, effortless style, she looks phenomenal in all of her outfits, 
it makes me want to cry
and I also fancy her hair.

till next time