On holiday! - Nigeria August 2013

///Top/dress thing - Peacocks// Trousers - Newlook // Sandals - Primark // Ring - H&M///

Everything looks so much brighter in Nigeria, even the photos looks better, my skin surprisingly got smoother in Nigeria, not gunna lie, my skin looks pretty darn smooth in these pictures
We stayed at our own house in Nigeria, which as you can tell isn't finished yet
but yeah anyway, I love the motherland, much fun to be had, many experiences to be experienced
can't wait to go back next year.

Velvet and stuff

Bowler - H&M// Crop - Primark// Velvet skirt - Gift// Sandals - probably Primark// Rings - Newlook// Necklace - Brother's///

A velvet skirt is so impractical in this weather, I was literally swimming around in sweat
Surprised I didn't leave a sweat trail all over town, I was thinking of taking it on holiday, yeeeeah no
I hate the anger in my face in the full picture, I think I wasn't ready but it was the best full one 
(minus the face)
I look like I'm ready to kill somebody, but I'm not, I'm not a murder
well. bbuuiiiyyyyyy

Overoversized blazer - OOTD

Blazer & Boots - Ebay // Dress - Primark //  

See, funny story about this blazer. 
You see how big it is on me right? Well, on eBay the deceitful sales person said it was a size 8
and obviously, when the bidding was at £3 I was pretty damn happy
Then it turns up and the bloody thing is a size 18
Here's me trying to "work it".
you like? 

p.s -Sorry for the inside photographs, tried to take some outside, they all looked silly, I need to find a new cool setting.

Bit O' lace + Bit O' denim = OOTD

//Denim jacket - Mother dearest// Lace dress - Primark// Boots - Ebay//

Look at me, Ms.Consistency 
Look at me busting out all the rhymes
It looks like mine and my brothers system of tea for posts is working pretty well
I had a belt on throughout the day but took it off when I got in and forgot to put it back on for the post
Hope you all don't mind the plainness of this outfit (don't think that's a word)
But fear not, I'm going to do some more less boring ones, hopefully.
The plan is to milk my brother for as many posts as possible before he goes back to uni
He's fed up already :( 

Garden party for one - OOTD

//Round sunglasses - Primark// Jumper - From my brother (probably from a charity shop)// Jeans - Primark (they are actually high waisted)// Adidas trainers// Avon "Cherry Jubilee" lipstick//

SO I'm not going to say "I'm back" simply because every time I say that, it turns out to be some kind of jinx and turns out I don't come back at all!
BUt hey guys, I have different hair and I'm sorry my lipstick isn't on fully
I really wanted nothing to distract me from finally doing a blog post
The deal is, I make my brother two cups of tea and he takes my blog photos?
Who ever said family love was dead


Star trek t-shirt - OOTD (cheeeese)

     Bowler hat - H&M// T-shirt - Gift // Blazergan - River Island // Black jeans - Primark // Doc Martens - Gift///

Heeey boys and guuurrlz!
On the way to town thought I'd take some blog photos, we came out of the little bit we were in, fixing our clothes and stuff..looked a bit dodgy
but yaar,  all cheesy for ya'll
skiddledobbily gooooooooooop!!