these are a few pictures taken in London (well Kent, but they're near enough the same) anyway, we spent a week or a bit in "London" for christmas at my aunty's house, and unlike the conventional christmas dinner on the dinning table with uplifting music and flimsy paper party crowns, we took a walk to a park/forest thing near my Aunt's house, it wasn't much of an adventure seen as it only lasted 30 minutes, but I think it was worth it, for the fresh air and all that gibberish. I was too stubborn to take a jacket to London, so I had to wear my brother's cammo one, which, well, let's just say, he wasn't too happy about.
The young guy one the bench with me is my joyful only sibling in all his lanky glory.

but erm, yeah, bedtime
Muchas gracias xo
Although I'm not usually one for designer things, I must say I am IN LOVE with Elie Saab.
He comes up with simple yet AMAZING dress, if I had money (lots of it) I can see myself spending thousands on one of his dresses, just to treasure it, I admit I do complain when celebrities spend ridiculous amounts of money on one ugly dress that they'd only wear once, then fling to the gutters, but it's a simple guilty pleasure, and it would be the only designer thing I'd splash out on, promise!

Would you believe that he first started designing when he was 9 for his older sisters, then it just escalated from there, and he became a fashion sensation, what an inspirational guy 

muchas gracias xo

Bowler hat - H&M
Shirt - Mother
Leather Gilet -Primark
Skirt - Somewhere in Nigeria
Shoes - Primark

On the way to town, managed to bribe my brother to take photos of little old me.
I love my shoes plenty, very much so.
But right at this very moment I can't talk much because I'm attempting to make grilled fish, and I stink real bad.
hate fish
Muchas gracias 

Scarf - Gift
Shirt - River Island
Jumper - Gift
Watch - Luv & Kush collection
Bracelet - Nigeria
Skirt - Primark

Hey guuuys, I had to take these photos super quick because my brother wanted to go out (he takes my photos), so that's why the full one's kinda blurry, I'm sorry. BUT I'm going to do another post today, heightening my devotion a little bit. Most of the things I'm wearing here are christmas/birthday gifts, or just from my family and friends because they love me too much :)
muchas gracias xo

Exciting fashion news!!

Versace for H&M part 2!!!!!!:

If you guys had memory loss or lived under a pebble for last couple of months here's a bit of what Versace brought to our highstreets the first time round

Oh my I love the way Jessica alba looks in this, so damn hot!

But right, I only liked a small few of the collection but a little birdy told me it's going to be BIGGER AND BETTER this year, so yaaay.

Muchas Gracias

New hair :)

Weave type : Premium, 16" No.2
Ok so I know I said I'd be posting everyday since my first post, but hasn't quite worked out, I apologise
But here's my new hairstyle, which I only had to pay £25 to get it done.
true bargain hunter :)

Muchas gracias

Oh the joys of my best friend.

My poop of a best friend, got me a selection of delicious presents for my birthday :)
Oh lucccckkky me
I know I'm going to over wear everything because I like them so much.. even when they grow too small for me,  I shall still force myself to squeeze the life out of them

Burgundy jumper
Hand care set
Tribal ring
Shark tooth earrings
Owl necklace

Muchas gracias

Monochrome streets of London

Headscarf - Hannigans (gift)
Ear stretcher - Amazon
Leather Gilet - Primark
Jumper - Gift
Black skinnys - Primark
Adidas mid tops -

These were taken by the side of Sainsbury's in Bexleyheath shopping centre, we had to take the snaps super quick because I got a tad paranoid that the walkers by thought I was crazy. We spent like 8 days in London and me an my brother went out a total of one time.. Oh the joys

Muchas gracias

In my garden.

Strapless top - H&M
Red thin belt - Primark
Stonewash vintage jeans - Ebay
Two toned brogues - Primark
Snake ring - Primark
Silver ring - Forever21

First post guys, these photos were taken almost 3 months ago, but soon I will post new outfits, and I will try TRY to post everyday

Muchas Gracias