OOTD - Plain Jane (biceps for days)


We all know about the H&M hat that's glued to my head
Vest - H&M (stolen from Sophie)
Leather trousers - Gift (H&M)
Shoes - Primark

Who would have known that I was the founder of H&M, so it seems.
I don't know why I think it's acceptable for me to step out in that vest with guns like mine
er'body was ducking and dodging trying to avoid me busting a cap, you know with my guns and all.
I thought I was cool, until it started raining...I was no longer cool.
Coolness at it's minimal



  1. It's so nice to see you back in the blogging world again! Missed your posts!
    I love this outfit, the shoes stand out so well from the black on black x

  2. Ha, thankyou! keeping my devotion this time tehe, with no school to bother x

  3. Really like ur style and blog ♥
    follow u .


Thankyou guys!