Africanized - Print mixing on a small scale (picture heavy)

Turban - Nigeria
Scarf - Gift (hannigans)
Gold chain - Ebay
Jumper - Vintage (stole from my cousin)
Leather trousers - H&M
Shoes - Primark

Got a bit happy with the poses and took like a billion pictures, don't hate ;)
But yay my gold chain finally came, been very excited to get a nice thickish gold chain, can't wait to wear it with everything!
Already began my gold jewellery collection, hope it shall rapidly grow
all I need is more moooonnaayyy

Really like the scarf/turban print mix
hope you do too

Easter holidays are drawing to a close which may result in less posts


Feeling Festive

Top - H&M
Shorts - Made for me by some tailor in Nigeria

So sorry the photo quality's rubbish, my brother normally takes my blog pictures, but I'm trying to go solo as he'll be going off to uni soon, so i'll have to be very self dependant, which means I have to use a different camera, which I don't quite get the hang of yet, but I'll get him to teach me how to use this camera
then it shall be plane sailing

I love these shorts though, they were made for me last year, because I did and still love African print stuff (Ankara for those who know)
so I got them made, but let's just say the tailor wasn't the best, and got the sizing all wrong
but with a little motivation, I finally realised how bad I wanted the shorts, so I sliced the side apart
and put leather panels in to make it a bit bigger, now I can fit my lil' tush in it woo!

don't let me deceive you that the sun was out in Coventry, it was not! it was raining outside, just thought I'd dress myself like I was in summer to feel warm on the inside ):


DIY & Litas

I made the dress! 
it was like a weird long, weird skirt before
then I did 3 hours worth of hand stitching to make it into a dress, and I think it was worth it

I want Litas soo bad! these one's aren't mine they're Ellen's (bro's girlfriend)
but oh my God they are sooo comfy, and beautiful
I want them!
need to buy my own asap

Style Crush - Rita Ora

Apart from the fact I have a girl crush on her in the first place, I fancy the pants of her dress sense.
Mainly because she can mix and match different looks ;from sophisticated to street, she looks hot as hell in anything. Her statement gold jewellery is probably one of the things I love the most, she wears gold with everthing, and with everything it looks amazeballlls.
Why won't she just marry me??

aww man

Wish List

Wish List
I would write down where all of these are from, but lazyness is over powering
but I have wanted a brightly coloured blazer especially for quite a while, was meant to bid for one on ebay
but I forgot, and know it's ended, so I shall try finding one on ebay again, or buy this one.
I really want a nice sheer blouse, that has a "vintage" feel to it, with like shoulder pads or something
 I don't mind.
Those shorts are high-waisted glory, love them, they are very short, 
but seen as it's summer so my excuse to skimp away.
 I like pearls, pearls are pretty, I could make or buy a pearl collar
I'm getting a new gold watch off mummy so that's ticked

Was meant to do another post yesterday, but the weather was crappy, so thought i'd give you a wishlist
to keep you busy


50s and pearls.

This right here is my first attempt at 50s dressing, although I didn't go all out, I really liked it.
I think i'm going to be doing it little more often and get a bit braver each time.

Scarf - gift (Hannigans)
top - Primark
Skirt - Ebay
Shoes - primark

I've mentioned before that I'm into mid length skirts, this is my very second one, of 3. and I'm already enjoying it.
I think they are quite versatile, you could wear them all pretty like, and very feminine
you could edge them out with something like a leather jacket and a band tee.
it's clear to see which one I went for today.
This post was meant to be uploaded last night, but I couldn't so to compensate, I'm doing two today :)
I'm trying to do at least one post everyday this easter holidays, so hopefully I can stick to that.

tutla rooo

I did a DIY cropped shirt :)

Yeah so I did a DIY
I started off simple with a crop shirt
You will need - Shirt, scissors, thread & needle

1. Get a shirt
2. Cut off the shirt at the bit where it's attached
3. Cut your shirt 2cm longer than you want it
4. fold the bottom up and hem it with your thread and needle

Oh I should defo go pro don't you think (no joke intended)


Trying to be cool in the cold.

Weeeeeeeeeellll, whhattttuuup

Can't remember where I got the white shirt from
Mint jumper - Mumzay
Midi brown skirt - gift from Rochellleeee
Docs - gift from Soph
scarf - erm o.O
Leather gilet - Primark

So erm, I'm the day started off gloomy, it was drizzling and cold and just depressing as hell
we got to town, bought some batteries for my camera FINALLY, then took a few pictures
it was freezing. As you can probably tell, I'm in a good mood today, so i'm just gunna keep this short


Ankara skirts all around

Got to be lovin those tough times when you get an ankara dress made and it's ugly as hell and is not as short as anticipated.
Option 1- You could sulk
Option 2- You could be amazing great like me and turn it into a mid length skirt
I didn't actually chop it though, I just fold it as a skirt, if I had chopped it, my mum would have seen the reminants (fake word I think) and beat me with them, so I thought I ought to just leave it.

But yeah, now I'm really into mid length skirts, looks like I'm going to spend the whole of this summer as a psychedelic nun which is fine by me :)

oh and with the help of my bosom buddy Tayla Elaine Germaine-Gordon :) my blog post shall be hopefully more consistent 
taa raaaa  

Read it! don't be a loser

I personally think this is like really cool, it's all motivational and what have you, awesome,*nods head* awesome.

Oh and I looked through my complete blog today, not feeling the bloggy, fresh air vibe that I want yet, so I'mma try to do more proper outfit posts and sttttttttullllllllvzzzz, but like outside and not so close up if that makes sense, but yeah bladdy bla bye :)