50s and pearls.

This right here is my first attempt at 50s dressing, although I didn't go all out, I really liked it.
I think i'm going to be doing it little more often and get a bit braver each time.

Scarf - gift (Hannigans)
top - Primark
Skirt - Ebay
Shoes - primark

I've mentioned before that I'm into mid length skirts, this is my very second one, of 3. and I'm already enjoying it.
I think they are quite versatile, you could wear them all pretty like, and very feminine
you could edge them out with something like a leather jacket and a band tee.
it's clear to see which one I went for today.
This post was meant to be uploaded last night, but I couldn't so to compensate, I'm doing two today :)
I'm trying to do at least one post everyday this easter holidays, so hopefully I can stick to that.

tutla rooo

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