Feeling Festive

Top - H&M
Shorts - Made for me by some tailor in Nigeria

So sorry the photo quality's rubbish, my brother normally takes my blog pictures, but I'm trying to go solo as he'll be going off to uni soon, so i'll have to be very self dependant, which means I have to use a different camera, which I don't quite get the hang of yet, but I'll get him to teach me how to use this camera
then it shall be plane sailing

I love these shorts though, they were made for me last year, because I did and still love African print stuff (Ankara for those who know)
so I got them made, but let's just say the tailor wasn't the best, and got the sizing all wrong
but with a little motivation, I finally realised how bad I wanted the shorts, so I sliced the side apart
and put leather panels in to make it a bit bigger, now I can fit my lil' tush in it woo!

don't let me deceive you that the sun was out in Coventry, it was not! it was raining outside, just thought I'd dress myself like I was in summer to feel warm on the inside ):


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