Monochrome wishlist for my winter wardrobe



Jumper - £38 -
Dress £15 -
Ankle boots - £94 -
Plain band rings - £8 -
Pyramid earrings - £4.32 -
Pluim Lipstick -£18 -
White Doc Marten
I missed you guys

Photo heavy - Outfit post (biceps 4 daizz)

Outfit : Earrings - Matalan// T-shirt - (gift) Hannigans// Skirt & Tights & Shoes - Primark // 

Y'alll like my model pose?
intriguing right?
yeah, thought so too

I've had a bun for like 2 weeks straight now, it makes life so much easier 
these shoes are expiring maaan

Look of the yesterday - new shoes

Shirt - Can't remember :/
Velvet top - Mummy's
Jeans - Primark
Shoes - Hidden (hide face)

Ok, so I went into hidden, I saw the shoes in the window and I was like you know what right, fuck it, I will proudly walk in there and buy these, I'm not buying anything tacky, so it doesn't really matter
(listen to me trying to convince myself haha), but I think the shoes are pretty

My face looks a bit large on the first picture, that shows me not to get so close to the camera
I just don't know who I am think I am sometimes
More posts! hell yes! frequent as hell yo
y'all impressed?
well you should be :)

OOTD - Plain Jane (biceps for days)


We all know about the H&M hat that's glued to my head
Vest - H&M (stolen from Sophie)
Leather trousers - Gift (H&M)
Shoes - Primark

Who would have known that I was the founder of H&M, so it seems.
I don't know why I think it's acceptable for me to step out in that vest with guns like mine
er'body was ducking and dodging trying to avoid me busting a cap, you know with my guns and all.
I thought I was cool, until it started raining...I was no longer cool.
Coolness at it's minimal


It's about time I came back - OOTD

Everything school related is now officially 100% over, except for obviously results day
so I'd like to announce this as my official comeback, please don't take my first pose seriously, I'm obviously too groovy chick to do yoga in real life, so I have to pretend I do...I FOOLED YOU ALL!


Hat - H&M
Shirt - Thrifted
Vintage jeans - Ebay
Docs- My buddy Sophie :)
Belt - Primark
Bag - Primark

see ya'll soon

Book review - Petals on the wind by Virginia Andrews

First ever book reviwy sort of thing, so why don't we just dive straight into it.
Petals in the wind is a follow up of the initial book "flowers in the attic" which is basically about 4 children who's father die and leave them in a whole lotttaa debt, so in order to get money their mother moves them to their grandmother's house, she says they're meant to stay in the hidden attic (hence the title) for 3 days, but low and behold! they end up staying for 3 years, the plan was for their granddad to die, the mother gets the inheritance and they all live happily ever after, but obviously their granddad didn't want to die........or did he?*spoiler alert*

The granddad actually dies a year before they escape, but their mother chooses to hide this from them because she's a selfish bitch, who only looks out for herself, she does this so she can keep the inheritance because her granddad states that as a term of the inheritance if she has had any children from her marriage before (which she has) the money will no longer be hers.Ok, so that's basically an extremely basic of basicness go over of the story, if I were to go in depth I would be here for a while. 

Now for the review part

I found flowers in the attic really interesting because the writer did a great job in fully exploring the mind state of what it would be like staying hidden with only your brothers and sisters and never communicating with the outside world, and she puts all of the characters in a position when you can really empathize with them and infact you start to look over anything they do wrong and take it as a result of their situation, you start to think "well I can't blame them, they've been trapped in an attic, it's not their fault", I couldn't help feeling like this through out the whole of the first book, but I read on to the second book (the one I'm actually meant to be talking about) my sympathy kind of began to disappear for one character which was the eldest girl Cathy. Cathy was the, all boys/men want me, all girls/women want to be me, kinda girl and she used it to her advantage very well... so she thought.

I felt a sense of betrayal as I continued to read Petals on the wind, not from the characters, but from myself, I felt because the first book put me in the shoes of Cathy and was really intimate,  I was betraying her by not supporting her decision in this book. She kinda went a bit bonkers and blamed everything in her life on her mother and in the long run hurt everyone around her because she never actually enjoyed what was right in front if her, instead she used it as a step ladder to get closer to her mother due to her never ending need for revenge. It really pissed me off because I loved Cathy in the first book although it did kinda foreshadow what was going to happen, you could tell she was going to go down a very very cynical spiral.  Fact is, as she continued to be a bitch, she grew more and more like her mother by trying too hard to be nothing like her mother, but at the same time trying to be her mother? makes too much sense..
I really recommend this book,

I like the whole tetralogy

which are :-Flowers in the attic

Petals on the wind

If there be thorns

Seeds of yesterday

This is my second time of reading these books, trust me they are reaallly good, but Flowers in the attic is my favourite, because they're is more innocence in it, I like innocence..sometimes
This is quite short for a book review, but thought I'd start off short and steady then see how it goes, if it goes well I may do like one or two a month, because obviously I can't read too many books, because I think I have a social life..which I don't. :/x

Abby's Photography

My brother Abby, doing some amazing photography for his friend Jyoti's fashion project
check out some more of his work on his flickr at


with all my beautiful friends being beautiful
and everyone being forever happy!
and dancing the night away, there was no stopping us!
what I would give to re-live that night
I miss year 11
love them all!

Hope you all enjoy your prom, or whatever celebrations you have coming up

Outfit post!

Finally! a much needed outfit post!

plain white shirt
vest - vintage (momma's)
Jeans - LOIS vintage
Shoes - Primark
Gold chain - Ebay

We all know of the pressure exams have on blogging, but I'm done completely on the 21st so sit tight!
family day out shopping in Birmingham, brother, sisters, mother, cousins and so on..

speak to you soon!

We made a magazine, the first issue of "Une Nouvelle Revelation"

As you can guess from the title, Yes we made a magazine, and by we I mean, myself, my brother and my cousin.
We made a magazine!
I basically do all of the writing for it, and some ideas, I'm more on the fashion side
Dami and Abby do all the graphic designing, and photographs and the more technical stuff
go team work!!

I think this is a stepping stone for me in relation to my actual future goal in terms of career
as few may know, I aspire to be a magazine journalist, and doing this really does give me an insight on how much hard work it actually takes to fill up a magazine
we only launched it yesterday, and fingers crossed it's going to go well, it's already getting quite a good report
but the bigger the better
it's basically a fashion/lifestyle/music magazine
and as we continue to grow so will the content, and I hope it really takes off
it includes a 14 page lookbook too!
soo please give it a read
here are the two links!

thank you for the support guys!

Blurry old me

Haven't done an outfit post in a while, sooo sorry (busy as the white rabbit)

here, thought I'd make up for it with a random photo of me, standing on a boulder thing, it's not really meant to be an outfit post, just a post because I didn't like not posting for so long


BIG style crush - Gillian Zinser

Here's another one that I also have a girl crush on aswell as a style crush.
some of you may know her as "surfer chick" Ivy from 90210
but personally I know her as my wife and  fashspiration (as they say)
but yeah, as it's drawing ever so near to summer now, it means I can finally actually go full boho
although the weather obviously doesn't support this idea, as it's rained non stop even though we're in a drought, that's why I haven't done many outfit posts, because of the weather and because I'm soo busy with school and work (yes, some one actually hired me).

Anywho, yeah Gill, hot loose, effortless style, she looks phenomenal in all of her outfits, 
it makes me want to cry
and I also fancy her hair.

till next time

Africanized - Print mixing on a small scale (picture heavy)

Turban - Nigeria
Scarf - Gift (hannigans)
Gold chain - Ebay
Jumper - Vintage (stole from my cousin)
Leather trousers - H&M
Shoes - Primark

Got a bit happy with the poses and took like a billion pictures, don't hate ;)
But yay my gold chain finally came, been very excited to get a nice thickish gold chain, can't wait to wear it with everything!
Already began my gold jewellery collection, hope it shall rapidly grow
all I need is more moooonnaayyy

Really like the scarf/turban print mix
hope you do too

Easter holidays are drawing to a close which may result in less posts


Feeling Festive

Top - H&M
Shorts - Made for me by some tailor in Nigeria

So sorry the photo quality's rubbish, my brother normally takes my blog pictures, but I'm trying to go solo as he'll be going off to uni soon, so i'll have to be very self dependant, which means I have to use a different camera, which I don't quite get the hang of yet, but I'll get him to teach me how to use this camera
then it shall be plane sailing

I love these shorts though, they were made for me last year, because I did and still love African print stuff (Ankara for those who know)
so I got them made, but let's just say the tailor wasn't the best, and got the sizing all wrong
but with a little motivation, I finally realised how bad I wanted the shorts, so I sliced the side apart
and put leather panels in to make it a bit bigger, now I can fit my lil' tush in it woo!

don't let me deceive you that the sun was out in Coventry, it was not! it was raining outside, just thought I'd dress myself like I was in summer to feel warm on the inside ):


DIY & Litas

I made the dress! 
it was like a weird long, weird skirt before
then I did 3 hours worth of hand stitching to make it into a dress, and I think it was worth it

I want Litas soo bad! these one's aren't mine they're Ellen's (bro's girlfriend)
but oh my God they are sooo comfy, and beautiful
I want them!
need to buy my own asap

Style Crush - Rita Ora

Apart from the fact I have a girl crush on her in the first place, I fancy the pants of her dress sense.
Mainly because she can mix and match different looks ;from sophisticated to street, she looks hot as hell in anything. Her statement gold jewellery is probably one of the things I love the most, she wears gold with everthing, and with everything it looks amazeballlls.
Why won't she just marry me??

aww man

Wish List

Wish List
I would write down where all of these are from, but lazyness is over powering
but I have wanted a brightly coloured blazer especially for quite a while, was meant to bid for one on ebay
but I forgot, and know it's ended, so I shall try finding one on ebay again, or buy this one.
I really want a nice sheer blouse, that has a "vintage" feel to it, with like shoulder pads or something
 I don't mind.
Those shorts are high-waisted glory, love them, they are very short, 
but seen as it's summer so my excuse to skimp away.
 I like pearls, pearls are pretty, I could make or buy a pearl collar
I'm getting a new gold watch off mummy so that's ticked

Was meant to do another post yesterday, but the weather was crappy, so thought i'd give you a wishlist
to keep you busy


50s and pearls.

This right here is my first attempt at 50s dressing, although I didn't go all out, I really liked it.
I think i'm going to be doing it little more often and get a bit braver each time.

Scarf - gift (Hannigans)
top - Primark
Skirt - Ebay
Shoes - primark

I've mentioned before that I'm into mid length skirts, this is my very second one, of 3. and I'm already enjoying it.
I think they are quite versatile, you could wear them all pretty like, and very feminine
you could edge them out with something like a leather jacket and a band tee.
it's clear to see which one I went for today.
This post was meant to be uploaded last night, but I couldn't so to compensate, I'm doing two today :)
I'm trying to do at least one post everyday this easter holidays, so hopefully I can stick to that.

tutla rooo