Lidl Hustle.

Literally got all dressed up to go to Lidl (for those who aren't ghetto enough to know lidl, it's like a german supermarket...or something), the sun was disintegrating my retinas so I thought Sunglasses were slightly compulsory.I really like the lipstick that I have on, my cousin got it for me for
 1 pound fiftaaayyy  
It's a bit darker in person though, but yeah, thought you guys needed a post soonish, because I haven't done one in a while
but I will do more soon!!

Me and my dearest.

A nice day out with mummy :)
she was feeling a bit under the weather before, so we didn't go out together at all, this was our second time going out together in like months, so yeah it was quite good, and we enjoyed the quality time.

oh yeah and i got my acception letter (is that even a word?) from a different school (caludon castle) 
to do my English Language A level, so I think my decision has been made (refer to previous post).
so i hope those are my A levels sorted.

Hat - h&m
Shirt - stole from Wendy
Jumper - Gift
Leather - h&m
Boots - ebay

Muchas Gracias



This is basically just a bunch of this I want but can't get.
Because I gots no mmmoooonnaaayy.
1.Bralet - House or Fraser
2. Kiss top - Miss Selfridges
3. Biker Jacket -
4. Skirt - Mango
5. Shoes -
6. Crocodile belt -

The total price of this outfit isssssss..... (drum rolllllll)
about £3000 pounds :) 
so yeah, definately getting them all, just going to save up for a quick 27 years :) 
26 to go!

Muchas Gracias 

Out and about looking for Photos.

Just throwing ourselves around the crannys and corners of Coventry, looking for candidates for I, my brother, and my cousin (in above picture) lookbook magazine thingy we're putting together, you'll see it soonish hopefully whenever it's done. It's basically going to be like an online magazine type thing, oh you'll see when it's done, let me stop talking jargons, but yeah it's a street style magazine thing.
btw, I don't take any of the pictures for it, that's my cousin's camera he asked me to hold
I write.
I have issues with picking my A levels, but I've settled with English literature, English Language, Art
and Media.
does that sound good? considering I want to do journalism in uni, and also
would there be too much coursework if I do both english lit AND lang??
Answers, Answers, Answers!!

leave them down there
Muchas Gracias


This is a poster that should be posted at as many places as possible in order to make "Kony" famous.
Kony is a bastard in Uganda, that kidnaps young children, and makes them join his rebel union and kill people. In order for him to be arrested we need to make Kony as famous as possible, to show the american government that we care, so they can do something about it. We have to do this as soon as possible
so please
Make Kony Famous.
to learn more about this, watch the youtube video

Cheese factor.

The same old bowler
Vintage Turtle neck velvet top - stolen from mother
Skirt - gift from my Rhea
Tights - Mum's
Shoes - ebay thrifted

the only things I actually bought with my own money in this outfit was the hat.
Shameful I know, but, by know the realization has been made that half my clothes are infact my mothers
but she's doesn't mind
It's weird because the one thing I said I'd never wear no matter what was turtle necks, even if they were the most "in fashion" thing ever, but they haven't been "in fashion", 
which made them seem more and more appealing 
So my mum offered, and I accepted
luckily it looked good in my eyes when I wore it, a few weird looks in town but not more than usual


Muchas Gracias 

On the way back from birmingham.

In the little subway thing walking home from the train station in Coventry.
We went to birmingham to take photographs of street style for a fashion magazine project thing we're doing
 (myself, my cousin and my brother)
and ended up only taking a photo of ONE GUY, because we all chickened out from confronting others
so it was kind of a waste of train money, but there were many jokes cracked so it was a good day
at least we got a very productive picture of my cousin being a creep :)
I shall do an outfit post on my outfit worn here in the morrow

Muchas Gracias

Yellow shoes

A tad bit slow on posting nowaday, down to technical reasons, but I think they've been overcome so, 
fingers crossed the shall be going at a faster pace from now onwards.
any way, onto the outfit
Leather gilet - Primark
Top - Present from my friend Rhea
Skirt - Present from Rhea
Tights- Primark
Shoes - Primark

wow, this outfit all together probably cost me like £10
oh the life of a cheap skate
Muchas Gracias