Out and about looking for Photos.

Just throwing ourselves around the crannys and corners of Coventry, looking for candidates for I, my brother, and my cousin (in above picture) lookbook magazine thingy we're putting together, you'll see it soonish hopefully whenever it's done. It's basically going to be like an online magazine type thing, oh you'll see when it's done, let me stop talking jargons, but yeah it's a street style magazine thing.
btw, I don't take any of the pictures for it, that's my cousin's camera he asked me to hold
I write.
I have issues with picking my A levels, but I've settled with English literature, English Language, Art
and Media.
does that sound good? considering I want to do journalism in uni, and also
would there be too much coursework if I do both english lit AND lang??
Answers, Answers, Answers!!

leave them down there
Muchas Gracias


  1. Lovely blog! This might be a bit late but i'm currently doing English lit and lang combined at A level and the coursework is X3 1,000 word pieces, so basically you have to write an 1,000 word fiction piece + an 1,000 word non fiction + an 1,000 word commentary which is like your analytical overview of both pieces. *Wipes forehead* It's tough but if you like English you'll be fine! And the exam for lit and lang combined is 2 hours and a half comparing and contrasting a poem with an unseen text & analysising and comparing 2 novels (i have this in a few weeks im dreading it) ahaha ++ For English Lit and Lang separate i think the coursework is 500 words instead of 1,000? But i'm not 100% sure, good luck hope this helped x


  2. Thankyou sooooo much for this!
    I really appreciate it!

    and 500 words sounds okay to me ahha, i think i'm going to go for it

    thanks again!

  3. Your welcome hun! i forgot to click follow last time i was here :/ ahahah following now


Thankyou guys!