Photo heavy - Outfit post (biceps 4 daizz)

Outfit : Earrings - Matalan// T-shirt - (gift) Hannigans// Skirt & Tights & Shoes - Primark // 

Y'alll like my model pose?
intriguing right?
yeah, thought so too

I've had a bun for like 2 weeks straight now, it makes life so much easier 
these shoes are expiring maaan

Look of the yesterday - new shoes

Shirt - Can't remember :/
Velvet top - Mummy's
Jeans - Primark
Shoes - Hidden (hide face)

Ok, so I went into hidden, I saw the shoes in the window and I was like you know what right, fuck it, I will proudly walk in there and buy these, I'm not buying anything tacky, so it doesn't really matter
(listen to me trying to convince myself haha), but I think the shoes are pretty

My face looks a bit large on the first picture, that shows me not to get so close to the camera
I just don't know who I am think I am sometimes
More posts! hell yes! frequent as hell yo
y'all impressed?
well you should be :)

OOTD - Plain Jane (biceps for days)


We all know about the H&M hat that's glued to my head
Vest - H&M (stolen from Sophie)
Leather trousers - Gift (H&M)
Shoes - Primark

Who would have known that I was the founder of H&M, so it seems.
I don't know why I think it's acceptable for me to step out in that vest with guns like mine
er'body was ducking and dodging trying to avoid me busting a cap, you know with my guns and all.
I thought I was cool, until it started raining...I was no longer cool.
Coolness at it's minimal


It's about time I came back - OOTD

Everything school related is now officially 100% over, except for obviously results day
so I'd like to announce this as my official comeback, please don't take my first pose seriously, I'm obviously too groovy chick to do yoga in real life, so I have to pretend I do...I FOOLED YOU ALL!


Hat - H&M
Shirt - Thrifted
Vintage jeans - Ebay
Docs- My buddy Sophie :)
Belt - Primark
Bag - Primark

see ya'll soon