Kimono of life

///Kimono, Skirt, Sandals, Bag - Primark//Turtle neck, Fedora Hat - New look// Watch - Nixon ///

I think I'm a walking talking Primark/Newlook advert today.
Ugh, this Kimono blesses me with so much life right now, Primark are on top of their game! it's my second favourite Kimono I've seen so far, (second to this, but my bank account doesn't allow me).
For £10 I think I did a pretty good job.

The plan was to collect as many Kimonos as I could so I'd be Kimono Queen when I go to uni in Sept, but finding kimonos that are nice as well as long is harder than it seems.
My summer has started now as of last Friday and my brother is back in Coventry with his camera
So, fingers crossed, blog posts will be frequent, I don't know how to keep up and 
I'm not even busy, gawd.