Wish List

Wish List
I would write down where all of these are from, but lazyness is over powering
but I have wanted a brightly coloured blazer especially for quite a while, was meant to bid for one on ebay
but I forgot, and know it's ended, so I shall try finding one on ebay again, or buy this one.
I really want a nice sheer blouse, that has a "vintage" feel to it, with like shoulder pads or something
 I don't mind.
Those shorts are high-waisted glory, love them, they are very short, 
but seen as it's summer so my excuse to skimp away.
 I like pearls, pearls are pretty, I could make or buy a pearl collar
I'm getting a new gold watch off mummy so that's ticked

Was meant to do another post yesterday, but the weather was crappy, so thought i'd give you a wishlist
to keep you busy


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  1. ohh i´ve been wanting some chelsea boots of any kind since last winter.. hope i´ll find them this time!!!


Thankyou guys!