BIG style crush - Gillian Zinser

Here's another one that I also have a girl crush on aswell as a style crush.
some of you may know her as "surfer chick" Ivy from 90210
but personally I know her as my wife and  fashspiration (as they say)
but yeah, as it's drawing ever so near to summer now, it means I can finally actually go full boho
although the weather obviously doesn't support this idea, as it's rained non stop even though we're in a drought, that's why I haven't done many outfit posts, because of the weather and because I'm soo busy with school and work (yes, some one actually hired me).

Anywho, yeah Gill, hot loose, effortless style, she looks phenomenal in all of her outfits, 
it makes me want to cry
and I also fancy her hair.

till next time


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