These shorts were previously some trousers I took from my mum's wardrobe (stole), and cut up and sewn a couple of badges on.
All I did was cut then about 2 inches longer than I wanted them.
Folded it on the outside, then used french knot stitches all across it to keep the fold in place.
Then I found some badges lying around, and buttons and pinned and sewed them on.
I also nipped it in at the waist a bit aswell :)

and luckily because they are my mum's size they look high-waisted on me

Muchas Gracias


  1. I'm dying!!!!
    I need those shorts in my closet!! LOL!
    You're so luck your Mom saved her clothes, I wish I could find something cute enough to diy from my Ma's closet! :D
    btw not to be mean or anything, please don't take this to offense, I'm not trying to be harsh because I love your blog.
    But I wanted to let you know you are spelling Muchos Gracias wrong... maybe you already know... but in Spanish it's spelled Muchas (feminine) gracias ^_____^
    But any who, great job making these shorts look so amazing! I swear I would buy them if I saw it in a store!!

    xoxo, maria

    1. Thankks!! I have stolen half of my mum's wardrobe, but she shall nnneeevverrr know

      and oh my god (how embarassing)! I'll change them all right now, to save myself
      thanks again!

      Muchas gracias ;)

  2. I love that sweater! I like your style!
    x Judith


Thankyou guys!