Normally I would read something deep and inspirational, but I'd only appreciate it for that time being, only very few passages of text actually drive me to determination, and don't just last a day till I realise I am too measly to "make a difference to the world" in the slightest. BUT today I stumbled upon a blog called abstract elements, I have always followed his work via tumblr , and I have seen his photography projects and stuff & I have always felt he had a story to tell, but didn't know quite how to tell it other than through photography and moving image, which, don't get me wrong is more than enough.

On his blog, he had many paragraphs expressing, well, near enough his inner soul was poured out, and he doesn't seem like a stranger anymore, he seems like a real guy, trying to make real things happen, for anyone he possibly can, he is already successful in doing that. This time I'm actually determined in doing something that will make a smidgen of a difference, it doesn't have to "change the world" just to change someone else's  perspex on the world, and how they view the people and things around them. for them to learn to see the world as a whole, and not just a long set path to the end, and to take more notice of where they are rather than where they would like to be. That is probably the deepest thing I have ever said, ahaha

On another subject
I have an interest in culture but I haven't really explored further, it has always been just an interest,but I would like to take it one step further, in order to study into depth, other cultures but the two that I know (English & Nigerian). One thing I hate is when people are ignorant to other cultures, for example, some holiday go-ers often complain that they get strange looks or complaints when they are acting unruly or are over exposed abroad, but they don't understand the cultures of the people who actually live in these countries, and haven't bothered to learn about it, some people are just to dumb headed to realise not every country is their own, not everyone has the same mind set as them, and if they can parole around barely clothed in their own countries, by all means do it, I am of no objection to it, but if you are too ignorant and simple minded to pay the slightest bit of attention to a different culture and aren't willing to respect this culture, then you are a fool for complaining, and you should stay in your own country unless you are willing to respect others. Personally in about 4 years when I get out of uni, I would like to go on around the world trip, I say trip because I don't really want it to be a  holiday, no luxurious hotels, no laying on sandy beaches, but to go there for sole purpose of exploring the cores of the country and spending time with the locals. that's the pllaaaaaaaan :)

going to bed now, I can feel me having a sore throat in the morning :/ (psychic)

Muchas Gracias


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